French Door



  • N.F.R.C. Certified ECS-K-5
  • Sidelites Available
  • Concealed Installation Screws
  • Prepared for Standard Hardware
  • Laminated Impact-Resistant Glass
  • Available as Single or Double Door
  • Large Missile and Small Missile Impact
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum T6 Alloy Profile
  • Available with Multi-Point Stainless Steel Lock
  • Standard and Custom Muntin Patterns Available

Standard Hardware

  • Pre-Hung Door Ready to Install
  • Prep for Handle and Deadbolt Installation
  • Extruded Aluminum Snap-On Glazing Beads
  • Double Weather Stripping


  • 3-Point Lock
  • Optional Laminated Insulating Glass Available
  • 2-Flush-Bolts + Activate Handle + Deadbolt Prep
  • Aluminum Double Applied 1″ Colonial Muntin
  • Aluminum Front Applied 2 1/2″. 4 1/4″ with 1″ Rear Colonial Muntin


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