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About Unity Windows and Doors

From the early ’70s to the mid-’80s south Florida experienced a massive influx of wealth and investors looking to develop the sunshine state. Indicating that most Floridian homes on the market are over thirty years old, have windows and doors that are out of date, hard to operate, and most significant are not impact!

In the early 2000’s we saw a new industry taking afoot. People started manufacturing and creating a new standard for home openings, that would not only protect them from storms but would inadvertently cause noise reduction and maximize energy efficiency.

The founders of Unity Windows & Doors saw the opportunity to make a living while helping people protect their families and homes. What started as an installation crew with a single van quickly evolved to be a thriving and diverse enterprise with multiple points of distribution and a full-service menu for impact windows and doors.

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What is the lead time on custom orders?

Lead times alternate by order. However, the current lead time for our products is 4-6 weeks.

Where are the products that you sell manufactured?

All of the products that we sell are 100%
sourced and manufactured in the US.

Do you offer and financing options?

We offer 100% financing with no down payment for qualifying customers.

What are the benefits of purchasing impact windows or doors?

Aside from protection, impact products offer a variety of added benefits. For instance, most of our clients see a 30 – 40% reduction on their power bill and an additional 30-60% price decrease on their home insurance. Furthermore, when financing your order, 100% of the interest rate is tax-deductible.

What is the warranty policy on products purchased from Unity Windows and Doors?

Unity offers the standard manufacturer warranty. Also, we provide a 10-year warranty on every installation.

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Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by the customer service and follow up. It is hard to find the level of professionalism in the South Florida market.”

Mike Perez – Builder

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